Many veteran service members leaving the military and relocating to Southern California are not prepared for the transition. Many leave the service without a job, without permanent housing being identified, and with significant unmet physical and psychological health issues. Further a significant minority of service members leave the military with legal and financial issues. Studies regarding veterans transitioning from active duty to civilian life have reveal severe challenges including:

  • 80% of service members leave the military without having a job lined up for civilian life.

  • Many employed veterans are earning at or below the poverty level.

  • Veterans often report serious financial difficulties.

Presently, there is not a single veteran support agency that can adequately meet such a wide range of veteran needs. Builders for Better Communities in collaboration with the Building Industry Association of Southern California has launched a Veterans Initiative to support long-term public policy solutions to address these pressing needs. But more can be done now by connecting Veterans to career opportunities in the home building industry. We urge all members seeking to hire new employees to consider meeting with a Veteran to discuss opportunities to schedule an interview with your company. Our Veterans have given so much to help protect our country. With your help we can provide our Vets with a career opportunity and also strengthen our industry.